University Community Childcare
Creating a nurturing and enriching environment in order for our community's children to thrive.
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Will my child....
  • be safe and free from harm
  • feel comfortable and happy
  • be with adults who are warm and responsive
  • still love you best
  • have interesting things to see and do
  • learn to get along with other children
  • hear lots of language
  • be with adults who know and respect your family's culture

​excerpt from "A Parent's Gide to Infant/Toddler Programs", Teaching Strategies

Do you want your child to...
  • get along with others?
  • do well in school?
  • become a good reader?
  • solve math problems?
  • speak and write well?
  • be creative?
  • make decisions? 
  • develop physical skills?
  • have good study habits?
  • ​be self-confident and respectful?
  • enjoy learning

excerpt from "A Parent's Guide to Preschool", Teaching Strategies

UCC teaching staff use the Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and 2's,  The Creative Curriculum for Preschool and GOLD Assessment materials to guide the daily living and planning for the children in our care.  Through careful observation, teachers know what experiences to provide to build on what your child knows and help them move to the next step of development. Observations, samples of your child's work and photos are kept in on-line portfolios.  Several times each year, your child's teachers will summarize this information and share it with you.