University Community Childcare
Creating a nurturing and enriching environment in order for our community's children to thrive.
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Board of Directors
As a private, non-profit corporation, University Community Childcare is governed by a board of directors with membership consisting of  parents with children attending the center, the program advisor from the Iowa State University Department of Residence and members of the community at-large.  The center executive director is a non-voting member and the Iowa State University Program Coordinator is an ex-officio member.  
Board Officers
  • Chairman                Dillon Kraft
  • Vice-Chairman      Kim Anderson
  • Treasurer                Matt Lemons
  • Secretary                 Briton Mohr

Board Members
  • Tessa Lemons            
  • ​Lakshmi Attigala
  • Andrea Boyer
  • Lindsey Huber
  • Madi Jacobsen
  • Maria Lynch
  • Ryan Lynch
  • Carly Riecken
  • Arlene de la Mora
  • Tory McKay
  • ​Meera Vaswani
  • Julie Graden
  • Penny Pepper
  • Candy Gaedke

UCC is a critical organization that serves Iowa State University, Ames, and the Story County community. For over 40 years, the center's core functions have included:

1. Providing first-rate early care and education for the community.
2. Allowing students of Iowa State University to access affordable childcare while they complete their degrees.
3. Giving Iowa State University students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn money 

If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer in the community and have experience in fund raising, graphic design, and finance, please consider volunteering to serve on the Board.  However, no special skills are required to serve on the Board beyond a desire to support human services in your community.  You may contact Vice Chairman, Kim Anderson at  for more information.